pardon me mack, could you spare a dime?
i said sure, he asked for more
shoved quarter in palm through hole in glove
and he blessed me, walked into the store,

stepped back out, mad dog in a bag
sat down to sip the noon away
about three hours later, saw him nodding his head
he was screaming

saw two white coffins in my dreams last night
i saw my lord jesus with his hands pointing toward the light
saw my old sweetheart she said "honey, i'm back"
just so you don't die alone

fresh day starts with a kick in the shin
his head knocks into the wall
bones locked up, fresh meat on a hook
his left side's fallen asleep he's limp
as a rag doll, stomach growls
he sifts through an old boxed lunch
feeds half a fry to a hungry mutt
and he was cryin'


give me one more bottle for the pain
one more for the memories
give me one more, i'll make it taste like a steak
it'll help alleviate
it'll soothe this ache
of trying to fake
that she's really, she's really coming back

Luis Resto - vocal, keyboards ... Mario Resto - guitar, backing voice
... Paul Nowinski - acoustic double bass ... Keith LeBlanc - drums, percussion ... Jackson Smith - guitar harmonics ... Rafael Barata - percussion ... Shawn Pelton - loopage ... Herschel Boone, Gloria Ridgeway - backing voices