boys, boys!!! calm down
the queen shall speak
devil beware protect the weak

"off with their heads"
my god, how sweet
the pleasure in pain we gladly bleed

marching in line we hum
shuffling feet
no one dare stop to take a rest

march on
look for love and then march on

well well, the boat has sprung a leak
everyone chew your gum like me
two packs, it's not so bleak

using the right amount's the key

mirrors can be your friends
follow your every move and lend
an ear for you to bend


how can it be
the same story as me
you relish all the glory
we have in common
you really bore me
go on

now, now the cut is not so deep

stiff upper lip, back on your feet
come and take a leap
be forewarned of what you'll reap

countless conversations
bushmill bonding
plans to rule the world
snap, you smell defeat

march on

Luis Resto - vocal, keyboards
... Mario Resto - guitar, backing voice ... Paul Nowinski - electric bass ... Keith LeBlanc - drums ... Joe Mazzola - guitar ... David McMurray - tenor saxophone ... Johnny Evans - baritone saxophone ... Herschel Boone, Donald Ray Mitchell - backing voices ... Renaissance High School Marching Band - brass, woodwinds, drum corps