first you push the panic button
then you walk away
leaving me with pasta on my shirt
i could not understand one iota
of what you spoke
but i could tell from this day on
my name was dirt

hey, hey, hey
you can take your thumb
right off of my head
hey, hey, hey
i've got a file on you
that fingers you with
something you said

meet me tomorrow ten o'clock
in the morning
you know our secret spot
we'll give it all we've got
he won't have a clue so
don't you fret, my precious darling

it sounds like someone's on your line
there's no one else on mine

always bring you home
a box of chocolates
or forgive me flowers
every time my tongue
speaks of my sins
you run to your room
tears in your eyes
saying that you'd never hurt
my heart like that
that last line always wins

hey, hey, hey
i'm stepping down off the cross
my penance is through
hey, hey, hey
i'm sick of being the one
here's some evidence with someone
who speaks just like you


it only took a few wrong turns
hearing you fumble on your words
you'd hang up quick
the minute i'd walk in
you started overcompensating
complimenting me
on everything i do
i had to find out who

well i asked for it
and i got it
a taped confession
over you


Luis Resto - vocal, keyboards ... Mario Resto - percussion, backing voice ... Paul Nowinski - electric bass ... Keith LeBlanc - drums ... David McMurray - tenor saxophone ... Hai Xin Wu, Alice Sauro - violins ... Hang Su - viola ... Paul Wingert - violoncello ... Herschel Boone - backing voice ... Jamie Haddad - percussion