little boy jumps from mountain into sea
swims into whale mouth open hungry
breathes in water
swims through a hole in the sky
and flies back up
to sing with birds and ask them

why walk when wings can float on air?
why talk when the right words aren't there?
why say "i'm sorry for what i've done"?
i meant every bit of it
i've gotta run, gotta run

lands on a cross made of stone
standing on a roof top
stained glass choir pleads "join us, be free"
join us, be free
join us, be free
little boy turns around and flies away


overpower me
flex your muscles and preach
i'll sit and pray
with my head bowed down
cover my mouth, muffle my laugh
behind your back i'll become goliath
and shake the earth
wrap your pride in a splint
and watch you fall


why would you overpower me?

Luis Resto - vocal, keyboards
... Mario Resto - guitar, backing voice ... Paul Nowinski - electric bass ... Keith LeBlanc - drums ... Rafael Barata - percussion ... Herschel Boone, Carol Hall - backing voices